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Bridges on the Han River in Seoul

Bridges on the Han River in Seoul

There are a total of 33 bridges on the Han River, including the most recently completed World Cup Bridge, and four of them are railway bridges that train.

At sunset, streetlights start to light up, and water dances with music on the bridge equipped with colorful lights and fountain facilities.

It seems that 33 legs are competing to show off their coolness and dignity during the day, providing citizens with a healing space, with different shapes and colors.

The collapse of Seongsu Bridge, which shocked and scared the Republic of Korea in 1994, made the safety of all the Han River bridges questioned at that time.

Many young students were also sacrificed due to the overall insolvency of the contractor's poor construction, the supervisor's poor inspection, and the management authorities' poor management and response.

Later, several bridges were newly constructed after demolition, and bridges along the Han River were also newly constructed to show a wonderful night view.


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