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Seoul is Beautiful

Seoul is beautiful.

I was born and lived in Seoul for more than 60 years.

The walk continued through Hyehwamun Gate and Naksan Mountain. Naksan Mountain is the lowest of the Naesasan Mountain. It is 124m above sea level and corresponds to the left blue dragon of Seoul. It looked like a camel's back, so it was also called Camel Mountain or Taraksan Mountain. It is said that many scholars lived because it was close to Changgyeonggung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace and the valley was clear. Lee Soo-gwang, a practical scholar who wrote "Jibong Yuseol," also lived at the foot of Naksan Mountain. The slope of this section is gentle, making it suitable for walking like a walk.

From the beginning of the Inwangsan section, the forest was dark green and the shade was deep. The sound of wind and birds came from somewhere. The slope of the road is not that urgent, so I walked slowly as if I were climbing the mountain behind the neighborhood.Suddenly, I looked back and saw a forest of buildings in downtown Seoul. The sky was blue and the wind was cool.


Hello Naksan

I arrived at Naksan a little early and went to see Ewha-dong. There are many interesting places. There are bookstores that only sell cat books, and cafes where you can drink beer while looking at the sunset in Seoul. Open the door and go in wherever you like. While wandering around Naksan Park, I entered an ice cream shop called Milk Workshop located under Naksan Park to rest my legs. I ordered a spoon of milk ice cream and ate it. The taste of milk was strong and sweet. Something good felt like a cloud on one side of my chest. There was a murmur that said, "It is said that summer in Korea is getting more severe, but one hour of such a walk and a spoon of such sweet ice cream are enough."

2 hours to walk along the Naksan section and wander around the alley in Ewha-dong. There's still some time left before the sun sets. Should I go to Heunginjimun Gate, or should I spend more time here and meet the sunset at Naksan Park.... I stood there looking down at downtown Seoul.

Come to think of it, it's been a long time. "When did time pass by like this?"’

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